Welcome to Mrs Makeup blog!

Hello and welcome everyone! Although Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for us to show you all what we do – there is often so much more to having your brows done than meets the eye.

Whenever I have students working with me for the day, I’ve noticed how much the client enjoys hearing me explain all the steps and theory behind the treatment. So for that reason, I figure writing a blog for anyone that’s interested can only be a good thing.

I hope to answer lots of questions here that you may have had regarding cosmetic tattooing, as well as discuss subjects such as what’s the difference between microblading and tattooing? Or why have my hairstrokes blurred? I could write endlessly on the subject of permanent makeup – it’s the absolute love of my life ❤️


One thought on “Welcome to Mrs Makeup blog!

  1. Very enjoyed all your articles. Well written and easy for me to understand . Thank you! I am new to microblading eyebrows and self taugh shading. Took a class but didn’t learn much, disappointed and sad 😭 . I did learned a lots from all your articles; thank you again. Please continually. Did you used the same color for shading or lighter on the microblade strokes and shading techniques? Thank you 😘😁


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