Sisters not twins?

How many of you have said – “brows are sisters not twins”? For every client I’ve had who says this, I’ve had another one who panics that one brow sits slightly higher than the other.
Using some very famous (and beautiful) sisters, we would like to help you understand why achieving perfect symmetry is damn near impossible!
Whenever I’m shown pictures of brow inspiration, its most likely to be someone along the lines of Megan fox, or one of the Kardashian Clan. To be honest, these ladies are pretty high up on my personal brow goal list. When we look at these women, we see a fuller brow, a nice arch, tapered off tail, and a smooth transition throughout. There is no over plucking, no McDonalds Arch style brow, and they aren’t too close together or harsh. But lets look a little closer. What every single one of these beauties have – is quite clearly – one brow higher than the other!
I spent years and years trying to get brows exactly the same. I used to spend a long time drawing mine on, convinced they were exact – only to then look at myself in a picture – and see one peaked and one flat. Not only are we never the same on both sides – our muscles work independently on each side of the face. Our “active” side will raise up and down more than the other. Some of us its a subtle change, but for others its pretty big!
I’ve found that the more active side is likely to raise up when you are telling an exciting story. Your face lights up, you smile and laugh, and your brows raise up and down. Its what makes us animated, likeable, and kind of cute 🙂 It also raises up when someone points a camera at us – our camera face engages, and so does that damn brow. And finally, when we look in the mirror…up it goes as we check ourselves out to see that we are looking as gorgeous as usual.
If you have a side that is massively different from the other – then Semi Permanent eyebrows can absolutely help even things out. But if you go home, and put a ruler across your head, then the higher one, will still always be a little higher.
But don’t stress out, be like the Kardashians. Be different on one side than the other, like every other human being in the world, and rock your imperfections – PERFECTLY!



2 thoughts on “Sisters not twins?

  1. Really love that you’re doing this Barbara! I look up to you in every way! Can I tell you that I spent 4 hours ( you read that right) with a client last week trying to perfect her brow mapping, and every time she would get up and look in the mirror and those facial muscles would engage she would critique and it was back to the drawing board! 😰


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