The 7 deadly eyebrow sins

Ok, so we know that brows can make or break a face. But have you ever wondered just how much?

Using our very own, and very gorgeous Michelle – we gave her brows seven different looks! Let’s see which ones we prefer.

Brow No1: The McBrows

Not quite the Golden Arches you would expect to see these days. The last time this shape was acceptable, Marty McFly was riding his Delorian time machine back in time. Let’s hope this style doesn’t come back to the future anytime soon!



No 2: The Disney Villian

terrifying children all over the world since animation began, the signature baddie brow is a combination of high arch and low front. Brows like this give a pretty face a sinister look – let’s leave this to the likes of Maleficient!


No.3: Too close for comfort

We often hear brows are “sisters not twins” but even if the were – I’m not sure conjoined twins is what we are picturing. Anything less than 2.5cm is just too close for comfort. Michelle and I are best friends – and even we aren’t this close! Like the couple that are constantly kissing and making out in public – I feel mildly uncomfortable looking at these 🤢IMG_1771

No 4: The Sad face brows

Tails that droop lower than the front of the brows drag the eye area down and make you look sad. It’s aging, and can make a happy soul look like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Thankfully this is just bad makeup and they don’t reflect our Michelle’s personality at all.IMG_1773


No 5: The “why so serious” brow

When Flo-rida sang about “getting low” I’m not sure this is what he had in mind. Too low and too straight makes you look pretty darn angry. I’d be pissed too if my brows looked like this…


No. 6: The Sperminator

Tadpoles, Sperm brows, commas, call em what you want, but there isn’t a name in the world that can detract from the fact no one can successfully work this look. It’s actually pretty easy for us to fix with permanent makeup – and I guarantee it will soften your face by 100 percent!


No 7: The goldilocks brows

we’ve called these the Goldielocks brows, because just like when she stumbled across the bears house and found a bed and some food that was just right – we belive these brows are just right for Michelle. Not too big, too close, or too high…they are just right ☺️ Showing her off for the absolute beauty that she is! ❤️


If you need help picking a shape just right for you, then we are here to help! No ready made stencils or one shape fits all. Your brows ahould be as unique as you are and tailored to fit your own face and muscles. It’s not always easy to see where your own attempts are going wrong, so ask your very own brow lady. I bet she can help you out for the better!

Lots of love,

Mrs Makeup


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